Music is by Deva Premal and Miten             Videos shot by Kim Sneddon

Benefits of Yoga Stress Reduction Many scientific studies conclude Yoga is effective in managing stress and anxiety. It can encourage a mindful state which empowers feelings of wellness, peace and inner calm. Relaxation is a vital element to good health. Improved Fitness Regular Yoga practice helps us to have healthy hearts, lungs and digestion. It can strengthen our immune system. And you can gain physical strength, balance, flexibility, improved tone and stamina. Yoga can be fun. Management of Chronic Conditions Long term pain & depression can be lifted. Yoga can reduce health risk factors like high blood pressure & it will encourage healthy hearts.

What is Yoga? Yoga is a complete health and fitness programme. It is not a religion, more a way of life. Yoga is a holistic system for creating inner and outer strength. It uses tools and techniques such as physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), philosophy (Yamas/Niyamas) and meditation (dhyana) to meet our lives with more harmony and joy. Yoga originated in India 5,000 years ago. Yoga means ‘Union’ and joins mind, body, heart and spirit. It has brought enjoyment to people & joining communities together worldwide.
A Yoga Class There are many different types of Yoga practised all over the world. Yet, all styles originate from Hatha Yoga. Avoid eating a heavy meal at least 1- ½ hrs before class Wear comfortable clothes to exercise in Speak with me before class to address any health concerns Arrive 10 minutes before class so you can settle Modifications may be given so you can enjoy Yoga safely Bring some water to drink Mats can be provided.........Bring a smile!

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