Talks and presentations about yoga, meditation and reiki can be formal or informal, - interactive or lecture style.


These talks are extremely popular for lunch time corporate events and meetings to show how these tools can help staff improve productivity, increase job satisfaction, cope with stress management, be inspired and reduce absenteeism.


Presentations in schools will introduce yoga & meditation as lifelong tools to teach children and students about the nature of the mind and the importance of physical movement. Studies have shown that this connection reduces non-attendance days, increases memory function, creativity and focus. Respect and kindness is encouraged towards themselves and others.


These types of talk can also dispel some of the myths & mysteries about yoga, meditation and reiki and their practical uses as a complement to traditional medicine. Informative talks can be held in clinics, assembly halls, staff rooms, boardrooms and in conference centres, etc.  Talks can be especially helpful for groups experiencing stress and anxiety, depression and negativity, injury and serious health conditions.


Please contact me tel. 01305 750023 for more details and to schedule an informative Talk for you.


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