Meditation Classes & Courses
What is Meditation? Meditation is a way to cleanse the mind and let go of unwanted, habitual and negative thoughts. Meditation takes our brain waves from high thinking beta waves, down through relaxation states to the inner tranquility of delta waves, then back up to beta activity, giving us much needed calm, rest and peace. Many people think it is necessary to sit cross-legged on the floor, this is not so. You can sit in a chair. Neither is the goal to ‘shut off’ the mind. It is to use Meditation as a tool to ‘be’ with all the thoughts and feelings that come up and see the nature of the minds, finding wisdom and peace. Meditation can be achieved by simply learning the techniques. And, with regular practice can lead to a deeper connection within and to self realisation.
Benefits of Meditation
Numerous medical and scientific studies show that meditation can improve everyone’s well being. * Reduces stress, worry, anxiety, fear and depression * Provides a sense of calm, equanimity and balance with our emotions * Gives renewed energy, clarity and focus * Can help reduce chronic pain, relax muscle tension and lower blood pressure * Restore balance to the functions of the body * Helps give clear insights & wisdom * Increases creativity and productivity * Brings more joy, happiness & peace in our daily lives
Guided Meditation


A Meditation Class Most classes last for an hour. And within that session, there is always time to address any health concerns, ask any question & for discussion. There are many types of Meditation and schools of thought and I teach and practice Vipassana, Mindfulness, Metta and Osho’s Meditations. Everyone can meditate. Absolute beginners are welcome, as are advanced meditators who wish to deepen their practice. Mats can be provided, if needed. Wear comfortable warm clothes.
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