Group & Private Sessions


Private Sessions are a popular choice in Yoga and Meditation with my clients.

It is personalised tuition designed around you, your needs, your body, your interests,

your time and most importantly what you want to achieve.

5 Benefits for Professional Athletes & Sports Enthusiasts are:

5 Benefits of Private Sessions with me. One to One or small groups.



1. A private session will be at a time to suit you.


2. With my medical training & experience, we can discuss any injuries, medical conditions or surgical procedures, any mental health concerns in order to design a Yoga &/or Meditation session that reaches your goals & concerns,

- so you can live a happier and healthier life.


3. Private sessions will be one-to-one, so results can be attained more quickly & more effectively. A personal approach is easier to stay motivated & the sessions can be adapted as goals are achieved or any health changes occur. Regular Yoga makes you feel great and you feel in control of your health.


4. Private sessions or even as a small group can be great fun whether in someone’s home, garden, Yoga party or social events.


5. A knowledge of Yoga helps everyone, - any age, any body type and is completely non-competitive.



Yoga is to enjoy what you ‘can’ do & to feel

healthier and happier now and for the

rest of your life.




1. Yoga is for life and can prolong your love of your sport through regular physical practice.


2. Yoga can prevent injuries & decrease recovery times post sport.


3. During your sport and in your life, you will improve mental focus and clarity. And increase your intuition & help manage your emotions skilfully.


4. The study of Yoga increases essential joint mobility, thereby offering greater flexibility & stamina. Effective Yoga breathing expands lung capacity & calms the nervous system. Yoga complements your exercise programme & all lifestyles.


5. Yoga can help to reduce scar tissue, decrease restrictions in the fascia and re-align fibres for optimum healthy connective tissue.


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Yoga is for Physical,

Emotional & Mind Health.

Good for the Soul too!



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